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This is the download area of the openSUSE distribution and the openSUSE Build Service. If you are searching for a specific package for your distribution, we recommend to use our Software Portal instead.
Short overview over the important directories and their content:

debug : debug packages for official released distribution packages
distribution : official released openSUSE distributions - online repositories and ISO images
factory : Tumbleweed (former Factory) installation sources and ISO images
ports : ports of the openSUSE distribution
repositories : repositories and images created with the Open Build Service
source : source packages of official released distribution packages
tumbleweed : Tumbleweed installation sources and ISO images
update : updated packages for official released distribution packages
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[TXT]Changes.20140801.txt08-Aug-2014 08:54 27K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140803.txt08-Aug-2014 08:55 18K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140804.txt08-Aug-2014 08:55 934 Details
[TXT]Changes.20140805.txt08-Aug-2014 08:55 26K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140807.txt11-Aug-2014 12:46 25K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140808.txt12-Aug-2014 18:40 3.4K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140813.txt14-Aug-2014 14:43 36K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140814.txt15-Aug-2014 06:23 4.6K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140816.txt17-Aug-2014 06:05 16K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140818.txt19-Aug-2014 08:28 5.6K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140820.txt21-Aug-2014 16:26 4.6K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140828.txt29-Aug-2014 07:48 114K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140829.txt30-Aug-2014 15:04 28K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140831.txt01-Sep-2014 09:27 45K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140901.txt02-Sep-2014 13:21 12K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140904.txt09-Sep-2014 13:56 84K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140909.txt11-Sep-2014 16:16 62K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140915.txt17-Sep-2014 14:11 61K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140918.txt19-Sep-2014 13:20 61K Details
[TXT]Changes.20140928.txt01-Oct-2014 15:53 179K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141001.txt02-Oct-2014 12:34 192K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141002.txt05-Oct-2014 19:18 15K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141009.txt12-Oct-2014 17:47 82K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141011.txt13-Oct-2014 07:34 9.9K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141029.txt10-Nov-2014 08:24 201K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141102.txt10-Nov-2014 08:24 29K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141105.txt10-Nov-2014 08:24 37K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141107.txt10-Nov-2014 08:25 33K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141112.txt14-Nov-2014 05:23 61K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141124.txt26-Nov-2014 13:28 131K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141126.txt27-Nov-2014 21:35 72K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141201.txt03-Dec-2014 23:53 39K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141203.txt06-Dec-2014 07:46 20K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141205.txt06-Dec-2014 21:37 14K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141206.txt07-Dec-2014 15:00 8.6K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141208.txt09-Dec-2014 15:07 645 Details
[TXT]Changes.20141216.txt18-Dec-2014 16:47 46K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141217.txt19-Dec-2014 10:26 61K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141219.txt20-Dec-2014 23:00 26K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141221.txt22-Dec-2014 16:34 38K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141225.txt29-Dec-2014 00:06 34K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141229.txt30-Dec-2014 07:57 10K Details
[TXT]Changes.20141230.txt31-Dec-2014 16:23 8.7K Details